What if the wireless bridge signal in the monitoring installation is relatively low?

The wireless bridge will know that the wireless bridge has a certain signal strength, too strong is not good, too weak is not good. What should be done if the wireless bridge detects that the signal is incorrect after installation?
1, check whether the wireless bridge is applicable
For example, over distance transmission. For example, it is a 3 km device that is used to transmit a signal of 5 km. The signal of a natural wireless bridge is not good. Or some poor quality wireless bridges have been selected, and the actual use cannot reach the distance of publicity.
2, the installation location
In some long-distance wireless monitoring, because the distance is too far away, the wireless bridge is inaccurate. The solution is that you can use the mobile phone to do a positioning in the installed location, locate the location of the latitude and longitude, so that you can scientifically and effectively on the direction.
3, environmental factors
Wireless bridges have very high demands on the environment. They are not capable of diffracting and penetrating, and if there is blockage in the middle, it is easy for the signal to be bad or even unreceivable. Therefore, first eliminate the environmental problem, whether there is shelter, if there is shelter, see if it can be higher than the obstruction by means of height or through the relay to avoid the block.
4, interference problems
If the 2.4G band wireless bridge is used, it is very easy to cause the same frequency interference. As we all know, in the urban areas, many wireless networks use the 2.4G band, and then use the 2.4G band wireless bridge, it is easy to have interference, the signal will naturally not be good.

Formic Acid

Formic ACID has strong reducing ability and is a by-product of coking. Adding formic acid is more effective than adding inorganic acids such as H2SO4 and HCL, because inorganic acids have only acidification effect, and formic acid can not only reduce the pH value of silage, but also inhibit Plant respiration and poor microbial fermentation.

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