Hot Air Microwave Drying Poyang Lake Silverfish New Technology Award

Recently, a new process for the processing of silverfish at Poyang Lake - "Development Study on Hot-air Microwave Drying of Poyang Lake Silverfish (Immediate Silverfish) New Technology" passed the review by experts from the Shangrao City Science and Technology Bureau, and won the scientific and technological progress of Shangrao City II. Awards.

It is reported that “The development of a new process for hot-air microwave drying of Poyang Lake Silverfish (Immerstee Silverfish)” was completed by Yugan Jiangnan Aquatic Food Co., Ltd., mainly using Poyang Lake as a raw material, using hot-air microwave drying technology for the first time. The hot-air microwave drying process of silverfish in Poyang Lake was studied. The optimal technical parameters were determined and a large-scale industrialized drying processing system for silverfish was established in Poyang Lake. The hot-air microwave drying process of whitebait of Poyang Lake is compared with the traditional drying processing technology, which shortens the drying time, reduces energy consumption, and maintains the appearance and original flavor of the whitebait in Poyang Lake. Developed Poyang Lake Silverfish Canned Product Series, and the product quality meets the requirements of the Green Food Standard (NY/T1328-2007).

Experts agreed that the hot-air microwave drying process of silverfish in Poyang Lake has reached the leading level of similar domestic research.

Centrifugal Slurry Pump Impeller: 

Centrifugal Slurry Pump impeller is the wearing parts, according to different application use different type slurry pump impeller can enhance the efficienciesefficiency of slurry pump. Our impeller can be the impeller. Our XXX series slurry pump are equivalent to AH series pumps Warman slurry pump, our impeller and other wearing parts can be the parts of Warman Slurry Pump Impeller .


K type impeller- Closed Non-clogging impeller. For clear water, lime slurry, the sewage and fluids containing solids and sludge which do not liberate gas. 


N type impeller- closed multi-vane impeller. For clear water, the fluid containing slight suspension such as treated sewage, screen water,


O type impeller-Open impeller. Same application as [N" impeller but including fluids which contains air.


F type impeller Free flow impeller. For fluids containing coarse solids liable to bunch or plait (such as long fibue admixtures, sticky particles and so on) and fluids containing air.



-Can manufacture parts according to your drawings.
-Materials as follows:
1.High Chrome concentration alloy 1, Rockwell hardness HRC ≥60, high abrasion application.
2.High Chrome concentration alloy 2, Rockwell hardness HRC ≥58, high  abrasion application .
3.High Chrome concentration alloy 3,  both anti-abrasion and corrosion-resistant, can be used in PH ≥4 and cl- 20000 ppm environment.
4. Other materials according to your requirements.


Slurry Pump Impeller

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