Sandvik Introduces Two New Types of Mining Crushing Equipment

The new CH890/CH895 cone crusher is designed with its specialised geometry, high power input of 750 kW at 1000 hp, greater crushing force, greater structural strength and proven superior technology for superior structural strength The successful application of the smart crushing concept aims to enhance the secondary and tertiary grades to achieve good application performance in the crushing operations of crushing operations and crushing/pebble crushing applications.

Sandvik CH895 cone crusher is designed according to special heavy duty conditions. The upper frame body is specially designed and the upper shell (topshell) with optimized structural strength and hardness is used, and a special crushing cavity type body is used to make it become third-class and pebble crushing. And the ideal choice for stone crushing; while the CH890 cone crusher uses a special upper frame body, the crushing cavity for the crushing operation is dedicated to secondary crushing. Both new crushers have greater power and crushing capacity, which helps increase mine productivity. Manfred Schaffer, president of the open-pit mine mining equipment division of the Sandvik Mines and Construction Machinery Group, said: "The first thing people noticed was probably its heavy-duty structure and its powerful power of 750 kW at 1000 hp. But at the same time, it really helps to increase efficiency and output. , it is its unique geometric shape and intelligent crushing characteristics will play an important role in improving crushing efficiency and processing capacity. We call it "special design" (Dedicated by Design)."

In addition, the spindle adopts a new high-strength material and a new processing technology to create a new spindle, designed to meet a variety of stringent mining requirements designed to better adapt to a variety of harsh working conditions, and the lower frame body is also the structure The bottom shell design with enhanced strength has been optimized to withstand greater loads. In short, its heavy-duty construction design ensures durability and longevity of equipment in extremely demanding conditions. Its heavy-duty construction design ensures equipment reliability and longevity in extremely harsh conditions.

To improve safety and minimize downtime, the new CH890/CH895 cone crusher has also made improvements in the following areas:

After the heavy duty design of the main valve of the hydraulic system, it is installed outside the equipment to meet the more heavy work requirements and more harsh industrial and mining conditions;

The positive pressure dustproof system has been redesigned with a newly designed external dump valve and a new overpressure system, which is more conducive to keeping the lubricating oil clean and prolonging the maintenance interval.

In addition, the new cone crusher inherits Sandvik's trusted cone crusher design with its hydraulically adjustable spindle and the outstanding trusted Sandvik “smart crushing” concept with its automatic hydraulic adjustment system (ASRi?) The control system helps to improve the on-line adjustment of the crushing equipment with the load working operation adjustment status at the time of full load, ensuring that the equipment maintains the best processing capacity and process performance at any time.

Manfred Schaffer added: "The CH890 and/or CH895 cone crushers can be used exclusively for some special applications while sharing the same design platform for easy maintenance and support, thus providing effective inventory management and parts usage forecasting."

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