The world's most endurance "drunk" electric car came out

According to a report by the China Daily "China Daily" that the US media reported on August 17, a German single-seat electric car has set a single charge of 1013.8 miles (approximately 1,631 kilometers) at Bosch Berg's test site in Germany. The beautiful results broke the record of 623.23 miles (approximately 1002 kilometers) that the Japan Electric Vehicle Club created in May 2010 with a single charge, becoming the most endurable electric car in the world.

The electric vehicle named “Drunker” was developed by researchers from the University of Applied Sciences in Offenburg, Germany, and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. They have been dedicated to the research and development of various automobiles for more than 10 years.” The name "Drunker" came from the team's first car made in 1998.

Although its appearance is grotesque and unique, the body lines of the “drunk” are strictly designed according to aerodynamic principles. Its power system is also very unique. It abandoned the traditional internal combustion engine and transmission and used the “two-wheeled bracket wheel hub motor” invented by the production team five years ago. The high-speed dynamic engineer of the Fraunhofer Institute has also designed a lighter weight chassis for the “drunk”. With 14 lithium-cobalt battery packs, the “drunk” electric vehicle can obtain 23 kWh of battery energy, which can make it have a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. In the final test, the “drunk” electric vehicle ran for 1013.8 miles in 36 hours and 12 minutes after a single charge, which greatly exceeded the previous world record.

Some people joked that with excellent endurance, if the design of the “drunk” electric vehicle can be popularized, it is hopeful that it will be widely used in mass commuter traffic.

Heat Treated Steel Bar And Tube


Heat treated steel bar is produced by heating and cooling in different temperature based on the steel grades to improve the steel bar mechanical properties or machinability for various industrial applications. Heat treated steel bar includes annealed steel bars, Normalized Steel Bar, quenched and temper qt steel bar.

Annealed Steel Bar has better ductility and lower hardness, which can be easier to be machined. The annealing processing is usually widely used for steel grade with higher carbon content above 0.5%. However, some low carbon steel also requires to do annealing for special usage such as 20CrMnTi gear steel. For some special material such as 20CrMnTi gear steel and GCr15 such bearing steel, spheroidizing annealing is often required.

Normalized steel bar sometime is also one kind of annealing processing. It mainly changes the grain to remove the impurities in steel and improves the strength and hardness. For some hot rolled steel bars, to keep the basic mechanical properties, normalizing is often used.

Quenching and Tempering, abbreviated as Q&T is a king of processing that strengthen or harden steel bars by heating the materials and then cooling in water, oil or other liquid medium, that rapidly the change from austenite to perlite to get the proper properties for various usage. The quenched & tempered steel bar materials are usually with carbon from 0.30% - 0.60%, it is widely used as merchant bars in components of various machines.

Qt Bar

Our advantages on producing heat treated steel bars:

1) Big stocks of hot rolled round bars or wire rods as raw materials

2) Wide range of Cold Drawn Steel Bar sizes: from 10mm to 150mm

3) Different cold drawing medias powder or oil to get different surface

4) Straightening machines to get better straightness up to 0.5mm/m

5) Grinding and polishing machines to get better roughness upto 0.4um

6) Heat treating furnaces to adjust the mechanical properties

7) Full sets of testing equipment to test the sizes, mechanical properties and microstructure.

8) Multiple packages to avoid broken packages and anti-rusty

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