Research shows that: SUV models outperform passenger cars

Research shows that: SUV models outperform passenger cars Honda CR-V

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety said in a report that drivers of SUVs have a higher probability of surviving a crash in recent years, so their safety performance has begun to surpass that of cars, while the former SUVs The driver easily dies in a rollover accident.

Anne McCartt, senior vice president of the Highway Safety Association, said in a report on driver mortality in the 2005-2008 passenger car: “Although SUVs have advantages in size and weight, The higher rollover risk of this model once affected its reliability, but now this is not a problem."

The report pointed out that the weight of the vehicle is not the only advantage the SUV has. The height of the vehicle and other factors also contribute to the improvement of safety performance. The driver of an SUV model still has a lower death rate than an equivalent weight car and SUV.

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