The old driver teaches you to delay the retirement period of the suction truck

The owner of the suction truck will consult the manufacturer before purchasing the vehicle. How long is the premium of the vehicle? In fact, the country has a very clear rule on the issue of the useful life. However, in the end, it is still necessary to determine whether the driver has a proper use process for the suction truck. If it is the normal use of the maintenance service or is not operating properly, then wait until the end of the scrap standards of the suction truck . Then it will be completely forced to scrap. Therefore, the delay in the scrapping period of the scrapping life of the suction truck still needs to be delayed by the driver's maintenance and correct operation.

When the suction truck is running on some relatively poor road conditions, the driver should slow down, because the bumpy road is a certain degree of damage to the chassis of the vehicle. Chassis Tires will be more bumpy and have serious damage to the axle. Therefore, when encountering such a road, it must be remembered that you must slow down. When the chassis is damaged, it will have a great impact on the entire vehicle's operating conditions.

It is important to maintain the battery of the suction truck as always. In particular, the maintenance of the terminal should be checked from time to time. If there is a green oxide on the terminal, it should be cleaned immediately, otherwise it will lead to The poor contact condition will also cause the shortage of generator power, which will cause the battery to be in a state of feeding power. In severe cases, it will even lead to early scrapping of the battery of the suction truck . Therefore, the correct cleaning method is to use boiling water to blow it off, and then use compressed air to dry the water and apply a protective agent to prevent the next oxidation.

The separation mechanism of the suction truck is also an important operating component on the chassis. This fitting is a sharing lever installed on the clutch and pressure plate, a separating shaft on the first bearing cover cylinder of the transmission, and is mounted on the flywheel. The core of the suction truck cannot be clogged due to the separation fork on the shell, and because the individual is blocked because of the middle and there is no way to clear it, the core tube that allows the blockage cannot exceed 2 . If the core tube of the radiator has a situation where the rod cannot pass through or is flattened, the core tube should be replaced immediately. On weekdays, there is a good habit of caring for and caring for vehicles. The maintenance of all important parts of the suction truck must be done well to be able to delay the scrapping of vehicles. (Text / Sun Ni)

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