Yuchai Successfully Handed Egypt's Second-largest Commercial Vehicle Company

On December 23, China's Chevrolet Yellows Marshall Automobiles, which are equipped with seven Yuchai engines, successfully reached GHABBOUR AUTO GROUP, the second largest commercial vehicle group in Egypt (hereinafter referred to as GB Group), marking the cooperation between Yuchai and GB Group. Officially opened the curtain.

GB Group is Egypt's second largest commercial vehicle automobile company. Since March of this year, Yuchai’s Egypt Office has been focusing on the development of GB Group as a strategic customer, striving to communicate with its marketing, technology, and after-sales personnel, and continuously recommending Yuchai’s superior truck products in response to its existing product characteristics. Passenger car products. The GB Group originally chose to cooperate with Europe, Japan and South Korea as partners, and in recent years it has gradually expanded its cooperation with Chinese auto companies.

The Egyptian Office firmly and persistently tackled key issues and seized important opportunities. It had visited the GB Group many times with the representatives of Sinotruk Egypt to demonstrate the advantages, technical support, and after-sales protection of the Yuchai Zhongka Engine to GB Group, resulting in the purchase of Sinotruk by GB Group. The first batch of 27 trucks. In addition to the 19 heavy trucks above 260 hp, 7 out of 8 medium trucks are equipped with Yuchai engines, of which 3 are equipped with YC6J190-20, 3 are equipped with YC6J220-33, and 1 is equipped with YC4E160-33.

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