Production and sales continue to decline in 2012, the automotive diesel engine market downturn

In 2013, the overall production and sales volume of China's auto parts market reached a record high, and overall production and sales have increased by a certain margin. According to the statistics released by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, "China's Auto Industry Production and Sales Update," the market for automotive diesel engines has been declining for two consecutive years. Overall, light-duty diesel engine production and sales are superior to heavy-duty diesel engines .

In respect of vehicle diesel engines, the annual production and sales volume of diesel engines completed 3,320,800 units and 3,395,200 units in 2012, representing a year-on-year decrease of 7.49% and 9.53% respectively. The year-on-year rate of decline was higher than that of the previous year. See, it shows that the position of the domestic economic operation cycle and the macroeconomic structure have undergone major changes. Judging from the overall performance of diesel engine companies, of the 23 diesel engine companies included in the 2012 statistics, 6 companies have cumulative production of more than 200,000 units (the same as the previous year), and 12 companies have accumulated production of more than 100,000 units. (One less than the previous year), there are 15 companies that have accumulated more than 50,000 units of production (the same level as last year).

Judging from the cumulative production volume, Guangxi Yuchai, Anhui Quanchai, FAW Group, Weichai Holdings, Kunming Yunnei, Jiangling Holdings, Dongfeng Motor, Weichai Power Yangchai, Shandong Huayuan Laidong, Dongfeng Chaochai, and Beiqi Futian and Great Wall are among the top 12 in terms of production volume. Judging from rankings and specific production volume, vehicle diesel engines basically continued the “light” and “heavy” status of the previous year in 2012. The diesel engine market has become a mirror reflecting the economic operation of China to some extent.

Among the specific performances of diesel engine companies, Jianghuai Automobile (an annual growth rate of 25.13%), Anhui Quanchai (13.10%), and Kunming Yunnei (13.09%) are among the enterprises with large production volume (the annual output is higher than 50,000 units). The performance of Weichai and Weichai Power (12.50%) performed well; Weichai Holdings (-34.12%), China National Heavy Duty Truck (-27.52%), Dongfeng Motor (26.66%), Dongfeng Chaochai (-23.57%) , Beiqi Futian (-16.80%) and Shandong Huayuan Laidong (-15.45%) showed a large negative growth.

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