Hubei Province and South Korea Automobile Parts Trade and Investment Fair Successfully Held in Wuhan

On June 9th, 2011, the E-Han Auto Parts Trade Fair held by the Hubei Economic and Trade Commission and the Hubei Automobile Association was held in Wuhan. There were 11 companies from South Korea and its joint ventures in China and 19 in Hubei Province. The automotive industry companies communicated and communicated fully at the meeting. The two parties stated that they will deepen the exchanges and cooperation in the fields of products, technology, and management between the auto companies of both sides and jointly develop a broader space for development.

President of Hubei Automobile Industry Association, General Manager of Dongfeng Company Zhu Fushou, Deputy Director of Hubei Economic and Trade Commission Tu Mingan, Commercial Officer of Korea Embassy Economic Department Li Shangyin, President of Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. Lu Zaiwan attended the meeting.

At the talks, Hubei automobile companies and Korean automotive companies proceeded from 9 projects including electric vehicle product technology, automotive chassis technology, trial production technology, automotive electronics technology, body technology, engine, gearbox, axle and construction machinery. The communication reached initial consensus on four issues: strengthening the exchange of bilateral information and technology; focusing on projects with strong complementarity between the two sides, deepening the connotation of cooperation; both parties organizing an auto parts project inspection team to exchange visits each year and collaborating on auto parts for both parties. Create opportunities; share goals of mutual benefits, share research results in new technologies, new materials, new processes, new products, and management.

It is understood that the automobile industry occupies a pivotal position in the economic development of South Korea and is also one of the pillar industries in Hubei. In recent years, Hubei automobile companies have made South Korea one of the important objects of peer exchange and cooperation. The E-Korea Auto Parts and Trade Fair will serve as a platform for promoting friendly cooperation and cooperation with the Korean industry. It will allow Korean auto companies to better understand the latest developments in Hubei's auto industry, expand the impact of Hubei's auto industry on the industry, and promote the development of Hubei Province. Han Automotive has established close ties and sought cooperation opportunities for mutual benefit.

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