The exact reserve is unknown. Large-scale rare earth mines in Zhejiang are suspected of excessive speculation.

The news of the storage of large-scale rare earth mines in the west of Zhejiang Province triggered the strong attention of the domestic capital market to the mining industry, and many stocks bucked the trend. Not only that, but some mineral companies have been reported to participate in future development and all kinds of news will be flying.

Regarding the value of the mine, the public data of the first geological team of Zhejiang Province, an exploration company, showed preliminary estimates of 800 tons of silver resources, 17,000 tons of copper, and 130,000 tons of lead and zinc, accompanied by high levels of cerium and lanthanum. Various elements such as cadmium, tin, antimony, indium, bismuth, etc., and thorium resources have reached a very large scale - initially proven to exceed 70 tons, worth about 70 billion yuan. Such a valuable source of minerals is now the first time in Zhejiang Province.

"Four rumors"

After the news was released, all kinds of rumors "fight": "Hailiang shares are the only non-ferrous mining companies in Zhejiang (shareholders of Hengyi Mining). There is a big show." "It is said that Guangyu Nonferrous Metals has participated in the development." "Tiantong Stocks - The only rare earth mining right listed company in Zhejiang Tiantong is involved in the deep processing and mining industry of rare earth industry, although the profit is not as good as Baotou Steel Rare Earth, the only rare earth mining right in Zhejiang is given to Tiantong Shares every year... Here is the rare earth mine that Tiantong holds shares in. : Rare earth minerals in Suichang County, identified 2433.92 tons of rare earth oxide resources; Banqiao rare earth ore in Songyang County; rare earth deposits were Fuyuan light rare earth ore, identified resources amounted to 17,838 tons; Hedi rare earth mine in Qingyuan County The total amount of rare-earth resources is 978,535 tons, which is a weathered crust-type rare earth deposit.” “The Zhejiang Provincial Mining Association held an emergency meeting this afternoon and had a briefing and opinion gathering on the newly discovered super-large rare earth mine and various member units. Tianyou Holdings Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xinwang Mining Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Jiahe Mining Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huasheng (Weibo Column) Mining Co., Ltd. Company, Zhejiang Shenshi Mining Co., Ltd.. ""Hailiang shares together with Zhejiang State-owned Assets Bureau and mining association member companies to jointly establish Zhejiang Rare Earth Minerals Group."

“Mineral resource exploitation will be carried out under the policy guidance of resource development strategies and industry development plans of the country and Zhejiang Province. It does not rule out the introduction of joint ventures or co-development by joint venture companies. However, the requirements of enterprises are more stringent, not only requiring capital and technical strength, but also There is awareness of environmental protection.” The person in charge of the Zhejiang Geological Survey Bureau told reporters.

In the view of Tang Wenquan, chairman of the Zhejiang Mining Association, the information concerning the association is purely "substantially false." "There has been no meeting for the source of the mine, and there is no doubt that there is speculation."

Many variables

“The current external reserves are uncertain data.” Tang Wenquan was surprised at the effect of the above news release. He said that the exploration work has only just begun and resources are located underground. How many scales can only be known after exploration. Tang Wenquan also explained that the only thing that can be explained at present is that the mine does indeed contain thorium elements. However, this element is in the state of occurrence and changes are very large. It is still unclear exactly what the specific situation is.

Tang Wenquan introduced that lanthanum belongs to rare earth elements and is not a real rare earth. Currently, the state management department has not listed it separately, and it does not rule out similar development and management modes for rare earths.

He told reporters that in addition to the storage volume and the uncertainty of the distribution status of mineral resources, approval is also the key to mining, and mining must be approved by the relevant national authorities.

During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the state will vigorously promote the collection and storage of rare metals. On March 31, the Ministry of Land and Resources announced that total rare earth mining will be controlled within 93,800 tons this year. Until June 30th, 2012, in principle, applications for tungsten and antimony rare earth mining rights will continue to be suspended.

Zhejiang's total mining control targets for this year are: 300 tons of tungsten concentrates, 50 tons of comprehensive utilization, 100 tons of antimony ore, and no mining indicators for rare earth minerals.

Tang Wenquan said that the development of rare earth rare resources is very sensitive, "restricting exploration, restricting exploitation and restricting exports". It does not mean that mining can be exploited. It has annual quotas, mining permits are not always available, and the development of rare earths in Zhejiang Province at present. The methods and funds are not ideal.

“It's too early to talk about development.” The person in charge of the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Geological Exploration told reporters that according to the routine, after the mine’s census report, there was still a phase of detailed investigation of the minerals before they entered the development stage. Stages include project application, project design, and report review. "Such a cycle is as few as four or five years, but as many as forty or fifty years."

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