Wuhan Water Group’s wholly-owned subsidiary “Hanshui Water Meter” was renamed and unveiled

[Chinese instrument network enterprise vane] On December 18, 2014, Wuhan Hanshui Metrology Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuhan Water Group Co., Ltd. (“Hanshui Water Meter”) held an unveiling ceremony.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Yang Daisheng, director of Hanshui Technology and secretary of the Party Branch. Vice President of Wuhan Water Group and Chairman of Hanshui Science and Technology, Guan Kai, Vice Minister of Sales and Marketing Department of Water Group and Director of Hanshui Metrology Technology Li Liang, Deputy Director of Finance Department of Water Group and Supervisor of Hanshui Technologies Xu Fei and Han Water Technology Director A total of 93 people, including Gong Zhulang, general manager, Hanshui Science and Technology Director and Party branch secretary, labor union chairman Yang Daisheng and Hanshui Science and Technology, attended the unveiling ceremony.

At the unveiling ceremony, Gong Zhulang, director and general manager of Hanshui's water meter, stated that the establishment of the subsidiary was to comply with the needs of market development and the economic situation at home and abroad. According to Guan Jia, deputy general manager of Water Affairs Group and chairman of Hanshui Science and Technology, Water Group is in accordance with the guiding principle of “specialization of main business and diversification of auxiliary business” and agreed to carry out a corporate restructuring of Wuhan Water Supply Company’s water meter factory. The completion of the investment in the newly formed Hanshui Technology Company in the month. After the Hanshui Water Meter is established, it will implement the strategic goal of catching up with the first-rate benchmarking companies in China.

It was learned from the Hanshui water meter platform that on September 12, 2014, the Wuhan Waterworks Water Meter Factory was renamed Wuhan Hanshui Metrology Technology Co., Ltd. The registered capital will be increased to 10 million yuan, and the business scope will be changed to: scientific and technological development of measuring instruments, related accessories and software design, research and development, production, technical services, wholesale and retail of measuring instruments; water meter verification projects; installation and construction of measuring instruments and related facilities. Repair and replacement services.

According to statistics, the Hanshui Water Meter is the first member of the China Metering Association's Water Metering Committee. It has a history of water meter production for more than 30 years and the annual output is 500,000. The company mainly produces full range of rotary-wing and screw-wing water meters from 15mm to 300mm from Hanshui, wireless remote transmission, photoelectric direct reading, all-electronics, RF card, integrated remote transmission and other intelligent water meters, as well as filters and valves for metering . He participated in the national unified table design in the 1960s and 1980s, and introduced the first high-precision long-life large-diameter water meter in the 1990s, led the reading of domestic household tables into the era of concentrated remote transmission, and took the lead in the development of a sub-line system and a bus system. Water meter. With the one-on-one-table and step-by-step water price policy that Wuhan began to supply 10 years ago, the Hanshui brand water meter has formed a mature water meter household transformation plan, which can help customers realize the hardware or software-style water price ladder and provide DMA regional measurement. The complete solution and a full range of intelligent remote water metering monitoring will promote water supply service units to move toward smart metering management.

Wuhan Water Group owns 3 wholly-owned companies: Wuhan Water Construction Engineering Company, Wuhan Urban Drainage Development Co., Ltd., Wuhan Hanshui Metrology Technology Co., Ltd.; 3 holding companies: Wuhan Sanzhen Industrial Holding Co., Ltd. (now Wuhan Holding ), Wuhan Yangtze River Water Supply Industry Co., Ltd., Wuhan Xinzhou District Yangluo Water Supply Industry Co., Ltd. Among them, Wuhan Holding is a company formed after the restructuring of an enterprise, and Wuhan Water Group has injected 100% of assets of Wuhan Urban Drainage Development Co., Ltd. into the company.

Ceiling Type Air Handling Unit

Air flow 1,000m3/h-30,000m3/h, Coil type 4rows/6rows/8rows

1.Air handing unit applies colorful steel and galvanized panel as its interior and exterior panel. Inner stuff is the high density polyurethane foam,double pillar and tenon structure that ensures the strength of the unit and low air leakage.
2.High efficiency and low resistance nylon filter that reduce the power consumption obviously. Easy cleaning and simple operation; at the same time, higher level panel filter is optional too.
3.Coil applies pure and seamless copper tube and hydrophilic aluminum fin. Copper tube is under 12MPa water pressure expanding that can adapt to all kind of high pressure and no leakage, as well as ensure the lowest contact thermal resistance and highest heat transfer efficiency.
4.All fans in the unit are selected by professional software to ensure the best condition. Minimize the air volume and air pressure loose after meeting with the customer's requirements. Also ensure the good airflow and reduce the air duct noise.
5.Ceiling type air handling unit wish small size, low noise. It is widely applied in the comfortable Air Conditioning system such as the hostel, commercial building, office and underground railway application.
Ceiling Type Air Handling Unit

Ceiling Type Air Handling Unit

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