Trinity developed a positive flow hydraulic excavator

Recently, the first domestically produced positive flow system hydraulic excavator was successfully tested in the Sany Kunshan Industrial Park and will soon be mass-produced. This indicates that China's excavator production level has entered the world's first rank.
The development of the positive flow excavator began in early 2006. From the initial market research and project to the technical design, to the installation and commissioning of the whole machine, the excavator research institute has invested the most elite research and development. After several trials and improvements on the prototype, the current positive flow excavators have reached international standards both intrinsic quality and appearance.

The real-time matching of the flow rate of the hydraulic system is one of the core technologies of the hydraulic excavator. At present, the mainstream international excavators generally adopt negative flow hydraulic systems. The negative flow system can realize the dynamic matching of the hydraulic system flow, but at the same time, it has the disadvantages of long response time, large flow fluctuation and poor operability. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of technology in the field of hydraulic control, it has become possible to achieve positive flow control of the hydraulic system of the excavator. The Trin Excavator Research Institute actively adopts the latest international technological achievements. After more than half a year of technical research, it has finally taken the lead in developing a successful positive flow system hydraulic excavator in China. At present, the working efficiency of the machine is increased by about 8% compared with the negative flow excavator, the energy consumption is reduced by about 10%, and the operation comfort and the movement stability are also greatly improved. The cost is basically the same as that of the negative flow excavator, which has a high cost performance.

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