Lianyungang, Jiangsu Dongxin aquatic IOT technology help industrial development

With the rapid development of aquaculture industry, in recent years, Dongxin Fisheries has made great efforts to develop modern fisheries. With the provincial-level modern fishery industry park as a platform, IOT technology is widely used in industrial development. At present, on the basis of implementation of aquatic networking projects such as wireless water quality monitoring system and video monitoring system in Penaeus vannamei nurturing farm, Eastin Fisheries has taken another new measure in building the Internet of Things in 2016 to further enhance the informatization and automation level of modern fishery industrial parks And management, quality of service. In the first half of 2016, it invested more than RMB 1 million to complete the maintenance and upgrade of the existing IoT devices, created a cloud monitoring platform, equipped with 3 × 5 large-screen videos and added a new IoT water quality testing system to the 2000-square-meter plantation seedling plant Underwater visualization of monitoring points to achieve the water quality and environmental parameters (PH, water temperature, ammonia nitrogen, etc.) online collection, mobile phone APP remote online monitoring and other functions, greatly reducing labor costs and labor intensity, video surveillance system real-time display of farming environment to achieve large- Standardization, intensive and information breeding breeding. The next step Dongxin company will strengthen the combination of things and quality traceability system, through the Internet of Things advanced technology, the aquatic products from the nursery, breeding, processing, packaging, sales, etc. The whole process of information data entry, transmission and summary of aquatic products Trace back to the system platform, to give each aquatic product a unique identification number, to achieve a logo corresponds to a aquatic product, to become the quality and safety of aquatic products, "ID card."