Xu Ji UHV technology for the first time out of the country boost "Belt and Road"

May 2, in the State Grid Corporation of e-commerce platform for publicity, "China Power Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. in Pakistan, Matilda - Lahore ± 660 kV DC transmission project bid list," Xu Ji Group Co., Ltd. list . In this major project involving the priority projects of energy cooperation in the CAB Economic Corridor and the major projects of the "One Belt and One Road" project, Xuji Group relies on its excellent technology and first-class quality in the design of converter valves, DC protection and control systems And measuring devices and other fields come to the fore, winning the amount of 6285000000 yuan. (From: Power System Protection and Control Micro Signal: PSPC-1973) Pakistan's Montili-Lahore ± 660 kV HVDC transmission project is the first foreign investment project in Pakistan's first HVDC transmission and transmission field. The route starts at the Mehdiar converter station about 180 km north of Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan and finally reaches the Lahore converter station about 40 km southwest of Lahore, the second largest city, from southwest to northeast, Pass Sindh and Punjab provinces. The project uses ± 660 kV DC transmission technology, transmission capacity of 4 million kilowatts, the total length of 878 km line, Pakistan is currently the highest voltage level, the longest transmission distance, transmission capacity of the largest transmission line. The project, operated by CLP Equipment Corporation under the mode of "BOOT-Build-Own-Operate-Transfer" (BOOT), has been included in the list of priority implementation projects of the CMBC. The successful implementation of this project has not only opened up the power transmission corridor to be delivered by South Korea in northern Pakistan, but also solved the problem of power shortage in north-central part of Pakistan but also provided an important guarantee for the delivery of a number of power projects funded by Chinese-funded enterprises in southern Pakistan. Driven domestic design, equipment, construction, technology and standards such as the entire industrial chain "going out" of great significance. "This big order is set to realize the first step of Xuji UHVDC key equipment out of the country. This is a historic step for Xuji UHVDC in internationalization and globalization, as well as the implementation of the strategy of" going out " Responding to the nation's important milestone in the Belt and Road initiative, said Zhao Bin, deputy general manager of the International Business Division. Since the "13th Five-Year Plan", Xuji Group has seized the opportunity for the development of the global energy Internet and the "Belt and Road" and has been working hard to open up the international market. In overseas countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia and other countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative", they have been actively expanding their local electricity markets. In 2016, XJ Group's overseas market reached a new contract of 1,658 million yuan and signed equipment supply contracts for such projects as Datai Hydropower Station in Cambodia, KAUSWAGAN coal-fired power plant in the Philippines, Heverli 1230 MW power station in Pakistan, and Belarusian North Trans- . Xu Ji production from the protection, monitoring devices, DC power supply, energy meter, high and low voltage switchgear, transformers and other products exported to Myanmar, Cambodia, Iran, Turkey, Laos and other 15 "Belt and Road" countries, a total of 11.15 billion yuan order . At present, UHV technology equipment has become the golden business card in the equipment manufacturing industry in China. It is an important technology in China's independent innovation in the field of energy, the world's first initiative, and the leading power of international standards and a strong competitive advantage. As a leading enterprise in domestic electrician equipment industry, Xuji Group has "going global" with comprehensive product technology advantages, manufacturing advantages and cost advantages.