August 5 Beijing Steel Market Price Quotes

Product Name Specification Material Steel Factory/Origin Price Today (yuan/ton) Yesterday Price (yuan/ton) Change (yuan/ton) High-line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Shougang-6000 No-line φ6.5 -12mm Q235 Tangshan Steel-6000 No change in high line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Xuanhua-6000 No change high line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Handan Steel-6000 No change Line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Bearing Steel-6000 Constant General Line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Shougang-6010 Constant General Line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Tangshan Steel-6010 No change in the general line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Xuanhuan-6010 unchanged in the general line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Handan Steel-6010 unchanged in the line φ6.5-12mm Q235 Chengde 6000- Constant Rebar φ12-14mm HRB335 Shougang-5860 Constant Rebar φ16-25mm HRB335 Shougang-5650 Non-Rebar φ12-14mm HRB335 Tang Steel-5860 Threadless steel φ16-25mm HRB335 Tangsteel-5650 Non-rebar steel φ12-14mm HRB335 Xuanhua-5860 Threadless steel φ16-25mm HRB335 Xuanhua-5650 Rebar Φ16-25mm HRB335 bearing steel-5650 constant rebar φ28-32mm HRB335 Xuanhua Iron & Steel / Shougang-5680 unchanged three-stage thread φ12-14mm HRB400 Shougang/ Chengde Steel-6060 No Change three-stage thread φ16mm HRB400 Shougang/Shougang-5850 Invariant three-stage thread φ20mm HRB400 Shougang/ Chenggang-5850 Three-stage thread unchanged φ25mm HRB400 Shougang/ Chenggang-5850 Invariant three-stage thread φ28mm HRB400 Shougang/Shougang-5910 Invariable three-stage disk screw Ø8-10mm HRB400 Shougang-6360 Three-stage disk screw Ø8-10mm HRB335 Shougang- 6360 Constant cold rolled sheet 0.5*1000*2000 ST12 Angang-7600 Constant cold rolled sheet 0.7*1000*2000 ST12 Bengang/Anshan-7550 Constant cold rolled sheet 1.0*1000*2000 ST12 Bengang Steel/Anshan Iron and Steel-7500 Constant Cold Rolled Sheet 1.2*1000*2000 ST12 Bengang Steel/Anshan Iron and Steel-7500 Constant Cold Rolled Sheet 1.5*1000*2000 ST12 Bengang/Angel-7500 constant cold rolled sheet 2.0*1000*2000 ST12 Bengang/Angang-7500 constant cold rolled sheet 3.0*1000*2000 ST12 Bengang Steel/Anshan Iron and Steel-7700 Constant Hot Rolled Plate 2.0*1250*C Q235 TISCO-6450 Constant Hot Rolled Plate 2.75*1250*C Q235 Tangsteel/TISCO - 6300 constant hot rolled sheet 3.0*1250*C Q235 Angang/TISCO-6200 constant hot rolled sheet 3.0*1500*C Q235 Tangshan/Shandong-6200 constant hot rolled sheet 4.75*1250*C Q235 Tangshan Steel/ Baotou Steel-6050 Constant Hot Rolled Plate 5.5*1500*C Q235 Tangshan Steel/clad Steel-6050 Constant Hot Rolled Plate 11.5*1500*C Q235 Tangshan Steel / Baotou Steel-6050 No change Plate 6mm Q235B Sky Steel-7050 No change Plate 8mm Q235B Sky Steel-6830 No change Plate 10mm Q235B Sky Steel-6500 No Change Plate 12mm Q235B Sky Steel-6370 No Change Plate 14-20mm Q235B Sky Steel-6310 No Change Plate 16-20mm Q235B Ansteel 6450 -6460 6450-6460 Constant plate 16-20mm Q235B Handan-6460 Invariable plate 3.0mm Q235 TISCO-6150 Invariable plate 4.0mm Q235 TISCO -6150 Invariable tread plate 5.0mm Q235 TISCO-6150 Invariable Diamond Plate 6.0mm Q235 TISCO-6150 Invariant Boiler Plate 6mm 20g New Steel 7550 7550 Invariable Boiler Plate 8mm 20g Anyang Steel 7450 7450 Invariable Boiler Plate 10mm 20g Anyang Steel 7250 7250 Boiler Plate 12mm 20g Anyang Steel 7250 7250 Invariable Boiler Plate 14-20mm 20g Anyang Steel 7150 7150 Constant Container Plate 6mm 16MnR Jinan Steel-8210 Constant Container Plate 8mm 16MnR Jinan Steel-8020 Container Plate 10mm 16MnR Jinan Steel-7820 Constant Container Plate 12mm 16MnR Jinan Steel-7430 Constant Container Plate 14-20mm 16MnR Jinan Steel-7420 Constant Low Alloy Plate 25-30mm Q345B Shougang-6600 unchanged low alloy plate 14-20mm Q345B Shougang-6600 unchanged low alloy plate 30-40mm Q345B Angang-6800 unchanged color coated 0.326*1000* C SGCC Langfang-8950 Invariable Colour Coating 0.426*1000*C SGCC Langfang-8500 Invariable Colour Coating 0.476*1000*C SGCC Xinyu-8300 Fall 50 Colour Coating 0.476*1000*C SGCC Langfang-8300 Drop 50 Caulking 0.5*1000*C TST01 Baosteel-9050 Coated board 0.6*1000*C TST01 Baosteel-8950 Invariable Coated board 0.5*1200*C TST01 Masteel-8550 Invariable galvanized board 1.0*1000*C JY150 Wuhan Iron and Steel 7450 7550 Down 100 Galvanized sheet 1.0*1000*C STO2Z Bengang 7450 7550 dropped 100 galvanized sheet 0.7*1000*C STO2Z Benxi Steel 7550 7680 fell 130 Galvanized sheet 0.7*1000*C JY150 Wuhan Iron & Steel 7500 7650 fell 150 galvanized sheet 0.5*1000 *CSGCC Hengtong 7600 7730 fell 130 channel steel 8/10#*8mm Q235 Jinan Steel 5850 5850 unchanged channel steel 16#*8mm Q235 Jinan Steel 5600 5600 unchanged channel steel 28#*12mm Q235 Laiwu Steel 5850 5850 unchanged angle steel 63*6 Q235 Ansteel 5530 5530 Never changing angle 50*5 Q235 Shougang 5350 5350 Constant beam 25# Q235 Laiwu Steel 5800 5800 Constant beam 36# Q235 Laiwu Steel 5800 5800 Constant beam 40# Q235 Baotou Steel 5900 5900 unchanged H-beam 100*100**6*8 Q235 Laiwu Steel 5850 5850 unchanged H-beam 150*150*7*10 Q235 Laiwu 5430 5430 unchanged H-beam 300*300*10*15 Q235 Horse Steel 6200 6200 unchanged H-shaped steel 400*400*13*21 Q235 Masteel 6400 6400 unchanged H-shaped steel 500*200*10*16 Q235 Masteel 6020 6020 unchanged H-shaped steel 700*300*13*24 Q235 Masteel 6020 6020 invariable welded pipe 1 inch 3mm Lida/Hua D/F-6150 Invariable welded pipe 1.25 inch 3.25mm Lida/Huaqi/Youfa-6110 Invariable welded pipe 1.5 inch 3.25mm Lida/Huaqi/Youfa -6110 Invariable welded pipe 2 inch 3.5mm Lida/Huaqi/Youfa-6110 Invariable welded pipe 2.5 inch 3.75mm Lida/Huaqi/Youfa-6110 Invariable welded pipe 3 inch 3.75 Mm Lida/Huaqi/Youfa-6110 Invariable welded pipe 4 inch 3.75mm Lida/Huaqi/Youfa-6060 Invariable welded pipe 5 inch 4.0mm Lida/Huaqi/Friend Made-6060 Invariable welded pipe 6 inch 4.0mm Lida/Huaqi/Youfa-6180 Invariable welded pipe 8 inch 5mm Lida/Huaqi/Youfa-6230 Seamless tube 108*4.5 20# Angang 7700 7700 Seamless tube 133*4.5 20# Angang 7550 7550 Seamless tube 159*5 20# Angang 7500 7500 Seamless tube 325*9 20# Steel 9100 9100 Invariable Seamless Pipe 273*7 20# Baotou Steel 9000 9000 Seamless Pipe 377*10 20# Baotou Steel 9000 9000 Uniform Galvanized Pipe 1-1.25 inch 3mm Tianjin Lida-7260 unchanged Galvanized pipe 1.5 inch 3.25mm Tianjin Lida-7160 Uniform galvanized pipe 2 inch 3.25mm days Lida-7160 Uniform galvanized tube 2.5 inch 3.75mm Tianjin Lida-7160 Uniform galvanized tube 3 inch 3.75mm Tianjin Lida-7160 Uniform galvanized tube 4 Inch 4mm Tianjin Lida-7160 Invariable galvanized pipe 5 inch 4mm Tianjin Lida-7200 Invariable galvanized pipe 6 inch 4mm Tianjin Lida-7360 Invariable galvanized pipe 8 inch 5mm Tianjin Lida-7400 unchanged