Copper Fittings Fastener Copper Tube Fitting

Model NO.: 112AN06AB
Color: Copper
Service: 24 Hours Online
Warranty Period: 12 Months
MOQ: Negotiable
Package: Carton
OEM: Accepted
Sample: Ok
Usage: Refrigeration Industry
Delivery Time: According to The Quantity
Trademark: Andwin
Transport Package: Standard Carton
Specification: Brass
Origin: Jiangsu, China
HS Code: 7418200000
Copper Fittings fastener Copper Tube Fitting
Copper Fittings Fastener Copper Tube Fitting
TEE C X C X C is used for copper tube/pipe connecting.

1. Material:  Red Copper / Brass
2. Type: as below, can be customized.
Part No. Part # Actual Size (OD) Normal Size Part No Size (mm)
112AN06AB W 40306 1/4 14/8 112EN06AB 6
112AN08AB W 40313 5/16 3/16 112EN08AB 8
112AN10AB W 4000 3/8 1/4 112EN10AB 10
112AN13AB W 4001 1/2 3/8 112EN12AB 12
112AN16AB W 4006 5/8 1/2 112EN14AB 14
112AN19AB W 4017 3/4 5/8 112EN15AB 15
112AN22AB W 4031 7/8 3/4 112EN16AB 16
112AN28AB W 4048 11/8 1 112EN18AB 18
112AN35AB W 4068 13/8 11/4 112EN22AB 22
112AN42AB W 4084 15/8 11/2 112EN28AB 28
112AN54AB W 40102 21/8 2 112EN35AB 35
112AN67AB W 40123 25/8 21/2 112EN42AB 42
112AN80AB W 40152 31/8 3 112EN54AB 54
112AN92AB W 40190 35/8 31/2 112EN64AB 64
112AN105AB W 40200 41/8 4 112EN67AB 67
112AN130AB W 40400 51/8 5 112EN76AB 76
112AN156AB W 40500 61/8 6 112EN80AB 80
112AN206AB W 40525 81/8 8 112EN89AB 89
        112EN108AB 108
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Copper Fittings Fastener Copper Tube Fitting

Copper Fittings Fastener Copper Tube Fitting

Copper Fittings Fastener Copper Tube Fitting

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Copper Fittings Fastener Copper Tube Fitting

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