Wilhelmsen launches new LNG power boat fire safety system

Recently, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environmental Protection Committee has introduced new regulations on sulfur oxides, and has designated emission control zones in Europe, the United States and Canada. This series of policies has prompted shipowners to find new solutions to replace traditional fuels. The use of one of the solutions is to use liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a fuel.

        According to the regulations, ships using liquefied petroleum gas require a fixed dry powder fire extinguishing system to protect the filling station, and the system should be able to operate remotely. At the same time, a portable dry powder fire extinguisher (purchasing product supply) should be provided near the gas station.

        Based on the above requirements, Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions developed and tested a 160 kg dry powder fire extinguishing unit that was attached to a fixed spray head. The inspector of the German Lloyd's Register (Location Contact) (GL) witnessed the test and the test results were in full compliance with the requirements.

        The Unitor dry powder fire extinguishing device is placed in different positions on the ship and can be used both as an open device and in a closed box. At the same time, the UNITOR dry powder fire extinguisher can be placed on the device with a fire extinguisher bracket.

        In addition to protecting the fuel storage and transportation station, the natural liquefied gas pipe also needs to be purged and cleaned to avoid explosion of air and gas mixture in the pipeline. The Unitor compact nitrogen generator is designed for this purpose. For small vessels, the Unitor Nitrogen Bottle Series is available.

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