Yuchai organized the 5th Anniversary Symposium for the publication and publication of the report on social responsibility

Since Yuchai released its first social responsibility report for the domestic industry in Beijing in 2008, it has been issued for five consecutive years. On November 21st, 2012, Yuchai organized a seminar on the fifth anniversary of the publication of the social responsibility report, combing out the highlights and inadequacies of the compilation of the social responsibility report and fulfilling the social responsibility work, and exploring further strengthening of social responsibility management.

The seminar focused on the development trends and prospects of corporate social responsibility in the world today, how to plan Yuchai’s medium and long-term social responsibility management, how to improve the quality of Yuchai’s social responsibility report preparation, and how to strengthen and enhance Yuchai’s social responsibility management. In-depth discussion. Through discussion, Yuchai further clarified the ideas and laid a solid foundation for further strengthening the social responsibility management.

Yuchai successfully joined the UN Global Compact in May 2008 and was invited as an enterprise observer to attend the Plenary Session of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Social Responsibility Working Group, abide by the ten principles of the UN Compact and fulfill related obligations. Since 2008, Yuchai has released the Yuchai Sustainable Development Report to the society every year, and has continuously expanded its reputation and reputation. In 2009, Yuchai proposed a responsibility policy of “responsibility is like mountains, mechanism circulation, daring to act, honesty and good faith”. In 2011, Yuchai established the Social Responsibility Management Office and set up a special post responsible for the promotion of social responsibility, which laid a good foundation for integrating social responsibilities into all aspects of the company's work. In the industry, Yuchai has become a corporate benchmark for fulfilling its social responsibilities.

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