Constant temperature and humidity test chamber cryogenic compressor maintenance method

Constant temperature and humidity test chamber cryogenic compressor maintenance method

After the user purchases the constant temperature and humidity test box , after long-term operation and use, as the core component of the constant temperature and humidity test box compressor, how do you care for his beauty, so that the compressor life is longer and more efficient? The following article by the Kewen Xiaobian for you to explain the constant temperature and humidity test chamber refrigeration compressor maintenance methods and maintenance issues, such as the need for constant temperature and humidity box manufacturers for your service, please contact 13538336510 .

1. Carefully check the sound of the movement of the cylinders and moving parts at all levels. Determine whether the work sound is normal according to the “listening”. If abnormal sounds are detected, check immediately to stop;

2. Pay attention to whether the pressure gauges at the various levels of the compressor , the pressure gauges on the gas tanks and chillers, and the indicator values ​​of the oil pressure gauges are within the specified range;

3, check the temperature and humidity test chamber cooling water temperature, flow is normal;

4. Observe whether the oil level in the oil sump of the fuselage and the oil in the lubricator are lower than the tick mark. If it is low, add it in time (check with the dipstick to stop);

5, touch the body to check the fuselage crankcase cross guide at the suction and exhaust cutting cover, etc., temperature is normal;

6. Check the condition of lubricants and the lubrication system of the moving mechanism. (Some compressors have plexiglass baffles on the side of the fuselage crosshead guide rails, and you can see the crosshead movement and the lubricating oil supply directly;) , Filler can use one-way cutting for oil inspection, you can check the oil injector to the cylinder in the oil situation;

7 , the use of lubrication machine precipitation filter. Compressor oil in winter and summer should be used differently.

8 , check the pressure regulator or load regulator, safe cutting, etc. is sensitive;

9, check whether the compressor vibration, ground screw for loose and fall off phenomenon;

10, pay attention to temperature and humidity chamber and compressor equipment belongs health and the environment;

1 1 , gas tanks, coolers, oil-water separators should always release oil and water .

12. Pay attention to the temperature rise of the motor, the bearing temperature and voltmeter, and the indication of the current meter is normal. The current must not exceed the rated current of the motor. If it exceeds, check the cause or stop the machine.

13. Always inspect the motor for foreign matter and even conductive objects. Whether the coil is damaged or not, and whether the stator or rotor has friction, otherwise the motor will burn out after starting the motor.

14 , if the water-cooled compressor can not immediately enter the water if water is cut off to avoid cylinder cracks due to uneven cooling and heating. After parking in winter to let go of cooling water to avoid cracking cylinders and other places .

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