Yuchai Heavy Industry has been awarded as a key high-tech enterprise by the National Torch Plan

Recently, the National Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology released the results of the selection of key high-tech enterprises of the 2012 National Torch Plan. There are five companies in Guangxi, and Yuchai Heavy Industry ranks among them. Up to now, there have been 18 accumulative enterprises in Guangxi that have passed the National Torch Program's key high-tech enterprises.

Yuchai Heavy Industry always regards science and technology innovation as the primary driving force for the development of enterprises, and accelerates the pace of technological innovation of enterprises through platforms such as product innovation, technological innovation, and management innovation. Yuchai Heavy Industry currently owns 198 national patents and successively undertook several key scientific and technological projects such as the National Key New Product Planning Project and Guangxi Scientific Research and Technology Development Plan. Yuchai Heavy Industries also cooperates with many famous research institutes in China for production, learning and research to overcome various technical barriers and obtain a series of scientific research achievements.

With the continuous advancement of technology, the communications industry is developing rapidly. The coverage of 3G networks, the comprehensive promotion of 4G, and the technological R&D reserves of 5G networks have brought a wider market to the Aluminum Die Casting industry. However, higher requirements have also been put forward.

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